If you are here because of anxiety, you are in the right place, we understand it and we know how to help you with it.  Anxiety can take over your thinking, rob you of joy, lower self-confidence, and even interfere with relationships. Anxiety takes many forms. The most frightening (and a very common) type of anxiety is Panic Attacks.

Panic attacks can be terrifying! Many people mistake panic attacks for life threatening emergencies, particularly heart attacks. Symptoms include tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing, sudden unexplained sweating, a feeling or fear that you are dying, and hyperventilating are typical symptoms of a panic attack.

If you do feel like you are having a heart attack, don’t hesitate to get to the nearest emergency room or call 911. If that has happened to you and you learned it was a panic attack, you are not alone! 

Many people have crippling anxiety but you can take back your life. We can work together to help you overcome this frightening problem.

Learning to recognize the symptoms  of panic attacks and what to do about them, like developing coping skills such as square breathing, can help calm anxiety without medication. Support and other tools for overcoming panic and anxiety are what we can provide in your therapy sessions. 

Panic and anxiety can also be helped with EMDR
Panic attacks and anxiety can be managed and overcome. They do not have to be in control of your life. 

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