Our Therapy Team

There are three components of an Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Team. There are one or more horses, an Equine Specialist, and a mental health professional.

  • Gala Hobbs is an Equine Specialist and is an accomplished horsewoman with over 45 years of experience in training, enjoying, and loving horses.
Gala is a consummate professional with over 45 years of experience with horses and 7 years of experience in the EAGALA model. She is also certified in Natural Lifemanship.
  • Sharon Beam, M Ed, LPC-S is a Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor with over 20 years of success in treating clients of all ages with problems that have fear and low self-esteem at their roots.
Sharon Beam, M Ed, LPC-S
Sharon specializes in trauma and related problems. She is trained in the Natural Lifemanship model and has experience in both EAGALA and Natural Lifemanship. Together with the horses, our team can help Children, Adolescents, and Adults.
  • Gala has created a safe, inviting, and comfortable space for clients to work through whatever brings them to Horse Heaven US. Her horses are gentle and loving sources of strength and healing. These beautifully intuitive creatures have hearts and spirits that invite clients to let go of their troubles so that they can live full, abundant lives.
HorseHeaven - Copy
The Equine members of the team never cease to amaze us at their ability to sense what is going on inside a client and to help the client see it outside of themselves. These horses are very well trained and well mannered. No horse skills are needed in the model of EAGALA, which is primarily used in this setting. You will participate with the horses as little or as much as you choose. Therapy is about you, the client. Your depression, anxiety, shame, overwhelming guilt, trauma, bipolar disorder, abuse, lack of confidence or low self-esteem, marital issues, PTSD, abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, low self-confidence, lack of self esteem, stress, ADHD, self-harming behaviors, or challenges faced by blended, divorced, or adoptive families is the focus. You will have a multi-member team to support you as you work through the things that brought you to therapy. You are the most important member of this team!

Together this team facilitates healing and wholeness for those struggling with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, relationship issues, parenting issues, stress, grief, problems with confidence, trauma including physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, and domestic violence.

Shining a light on the positives that are part of every problem is what makes our team special. Sharon saw this highly abundant quality in Gala, the inherent value it has, and asked to team with her to enjoy providing the highest quality Equine Assisted Psychotherapy possible.

We are a Christian team and we believe in teaching grace as a healing tool. We welcome those from every spiritual path to work toward healing with our team of professionals and horses. We seek to help you find the abundant life you want to live, including seeing the gifts in what seem to be only problems and working to find solutions in your therapy sessions.

Gala is trained and experienced in both the EAGALA and Natural Lifemanship models and Sharon is trained in Natural Lifemanship with experience in both models.

Our focus is on you, not horses or models or problems.

We allow our clients the freedom to

  1. explore in a safe and supportive environment whatever may be holding them back from the lives that they want
  2. heal and to grow into their best selves
  3. discover solutions already inside themselves.

It is with great pleasure that we assist hurting people in leaving their pain behind and in watching them grow into who they want to be.